In the Yucatan Peninsula, just south of Tulum, on the spectacular Mexican Caribbean coast exists a land so beautiful that the ancient Mayans considered it sacred, and so they named it Sian Ka’an, which translates to mean “birthplace of the sky”.

With its perfectly transparent Caribbean waters, soft powder white sand beaches, nearby coral reefs, vast natural wildlife, tranquil lagoons and lush jungles, it is easy to see why the Maya held such an affection for this special land.

Today Sian Ka’an is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 1.3 million acres of protected land and 75 miles of coastline. In 1986 the President of Mexico decreed the Sian Ka’an Biosphere a national reserve that would only allow for extremely limited development in order to protect the 23 known archeological sites, 103 known mammal species, and 336 known bird species that inhabit this natural sanctuary.

Within this protected paradise a rare opportunity has presented itself to purchase a perfect Caribbean beachfront estate in what is better known as the Boca Paila Preserve.

Each of these expansive lots has over 100 lineal meters (328 lineal feet) of white sand beach that is ideal for discerning individuals who search to find something completely unique, private and pristine.

Each and every estate residence must abide by the guidelines set forth within the Sian Ka’an Reserve in order to create a low impact upon development. The lots have been catalogued by botanists in order to protect any endangered species of animal or plant life.

All 8 beachfront estates have over 100 lineal meters (109 lineal yards) of perfect white sand beach and 2 hectares (5 acres) of lush jungle land that extends from the Caribbean Sea to the Boca Paila Lagoon. Each lot offers sensational views of the Great Mayan Reef and infront and the lagoon in back offers some of the world’s greatest salt water flyfishing. Every lot in the Boca Paila Preserve in unique in that each meets the maximum construction density allowed in Sian Ka’an which is 400 square meters (4,305 sq. ft.) per lot.

Boca Paila Preserve will work with buyers and provide the necessary contacts for architecture, construction, and engineering so that each owner is able to balance building the residence that they always envisioned in an eco friendly manner.